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HSTD TRADE with experienced multilingual business managers will help source the products you require. With our experience and knowledge of the markets in China we have the advantage of being able to do this swiftly.

HSTD TRADE will help source the factory for production. We evaluate each factory to ensure it complies to our production criteria.
HSTD TRADE will assist in negotiating with the factories to achieve the best possible prices for your items. Chinese negotiating with chinese often produces better results.

HSTD TRADE will assist in preparing the order sheets and contracts in both chinese and english, so both parties are fully aware of their obligations.
HSTD TRADE will arrange the sample production and will ensure it adheres to the quality specified. After sample approval, we will instruct commencement of production and will carry out inspections during different stages of production. Any problems will be pointed out and rectified. We will carry out a final inspection before the packing stage and send a detailed report including photographs HSTD TRADE will supervise the packing procedure to ensure it meets the required standard and specification. After the packing is satisfactory completed, we will advise you that the order is complete and ready for loading. We will supervise the loading of the container and when completed will arrange the Container seal. HSTD TRADE will arrange for the cargo to be collected by your shipping agents. Alternatively we can arrange all the shipping procedure using our own shipping agents.
We will prepare all necessary export documents for clearing China customs, as well as preparing any documentation needed for the destination port customs.

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